A Case Report

  • susheela gayam Vijay Marie Hospital & Edu. Society
Keywords: Monodermal teratoma, struma ovarii, suspected ovarian malignancy, thyroid follicles


Struma Ovarii is an uncommon variant of ovarian monodermal mature cystic teratoma consisting of thyroid tissue. Preoperative diagnosis of it is difficult as the clinical presentation and ultrasound imaging are often similar to that of ovarian neoplasm. These patients, with mostly beingn disease, often have more extensive surgery than necessary. We present a case report of a 60 years old patient with preoperative diagnosis of ovarian neoplasm post operatively diagnosed as struma ovarii on histopathology which is confirmatory. The aim of this case report is to highlight the importance of associating preoperatively clinical findings and investigations to avoid extensive surgery. When suspected it is crucial to evaluate thyroid status to avoid complications of hyperthyroidism.


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